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Pricing for 48' Calvin Beal

Calvin Beal 48’ Suggested Kit
L 48' W 17' 6" Transom 16' 2"

Please call for pricing and availability.

Hull: 48’ Solid Fiberglass Laminate (no core)
White Gelcoat
Colored Gelcoat
Vinylester Skin Coat
Two Main Stringers, two outboard stringers (laminated spruce)
Corecell Composite Stringers In Lieu Of Wood
1” Hi Density, Poly Urethane Foam Core Main Bulkhead
Double up stringers and laminate in engine bed area and carry
stringers through main bulkhead
2” Lift Kit
4” Lift Kit
Top: Lobster Top (all one piece)
White Gelcoat
Colored Top
Vinylester Skin Coat (top only)
1" Balsa overhead, 3/4” Divinycel Foam core sides
1" Divinycel Composite Overhead, 3/4” Divinycel Foam core side
Overhead fared with skim coat
Solid Coamings
Please call for pricing and availability.